Corrugated Packaging & Pulp Paper Services

High quality integrated solutions are offered to provide an optimal service to our customers. They are considered our business partners and our goal is to support them in achieving business success.Our Services:

  • We develop technical solutions in terms of design, size and functionality-factors that make a packaging product original.
  • We develop its compliance with established specifications and solution approved by our customers.
  • We materialize your ideas and develop creative arts for the packaging.
  • We have a division of duplicators and high-tech equipment that allow us to guarantee an excellent quality print to highlight the features of products and images.
  • We design the messages and highlight design attributes so that the product is an attractive advertising medium for the consumer.
  • We transfer the products to your facilities or storages in optimal conditions meeting the required safety standards.
  • We offer consultancies about technical container storage.
  • Our customer service is based on personalized service.
  • Our customer service area is committed to provide an immediate and satisfactory solution to our clients.
  • We have systemized tracking of all customers’ orders.
  • We provide training to our customers’ staff about packaging management, both in production lines and transportation and storage.


Teléfono: (506) 2289-3084 Fax: (506) 2289-3081
Dirección: Plaza Colonial, 3 Floor, Office 3-10. San Rafael de Escazú, Costa Rica.